• Summary

    I am a Civil Engineer with an MSc in Restoration and Conservation of Monuments, an MSc in Environmental Planning and a PhD in Architecture (Digital Heritage). Today I define myself as a "Digital Heritage Architect" and continue my research on digital connections of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Interactive Systems Design Lab in University of the Aegean. My research on HERMeS was honored with EUROPA NOSTRA 2015 Award. I am a Jury Member of European Union Cultural Heritage Prize - Europa Nostra Awards since 2017. I was a post-doc Marie Curie Fellow in the renowned Digital Heritage Research Lab of Cyprus University of Technology. I was the CEO of Syros Institute, a NGO on Heritage Protection and Cultural Development.

    Today I am CEO of HERMeS NGO, an no-profit organisation working on Cultural Heritage and ICT.


    At 2002 I started working in Municipality of Syros, a Greek Island in Cyclades. I was an Urban Planning Engineer and I studied the pathology of the 19th century buildings in the island, participating in many restoration projects of historical buildings.
    From 2005 to now, while working in Syros, I finished a second MSc in Environmental Building Planning and a PhD in Building Pathology.
    I am using new technology in my studies and in my work. I use G.I.S. and Databases for reporting and supervising historical buildings.
    I like teaching, studying and reading in my field.


    Heritage reminds us the tremendous power of human creativity 

  • HERitage Management E-System (HER.M.E.S.)

    My most recent project, the development of the largest on line Historic Building Collection

    My most recent project, the development of the largest on line Historic Building Collection

    HER.M.E.S [Heritage Management E-System], the largest online Digital Historic Buildings Collection. Have a look here: hermoupolis.omeka.net

    HERMeS can do a lot more today.

  • The Largest online Historic Buildings Collection

    Have a look at the first pilot project

  • Skills


    That's what I studied

    Urban Planning

    That's my PhD


    That's my passion


    That's what I love

    Environmental Protection

    That's my everyday life


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    A way to feel that your work is recognised

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    In April 14th 2015, Europa Nostra, announced the 28 winners selected from 263 applications submitted by organisations and individuals from 29 countries. In my research I developed HER.M.E.S. (Heritage Management Digital System) and I was honoured with Europe’s most prestigious prize in the heritage field, EUROPA NOSTRA 2015

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    In October 2013 I presented my PhD research in the International event “Digital Heritage 2013” in Marseilles, Cultural Capital of Europe 2013. My paper was awarded with “Best Paper Award” between 350 presentations.

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    In 2016 I was recruited in Cyprus University of Technology – (Project IAPP – 4D in Cultural Heritage World) as a Marie Curie Experienced Researcher Fellow. MSCA fellowships are among Europe’s most competitive and prestigious awards, aimed to support the best, most promising scientists.

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    In September 2016, I was invited by "The Best in Heritage" event to present HERMeS in a special session called "IMAGINES" in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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    In April 2016, I was invited by European Commission to CULTURE FORUM 2016, to present HERMeS in a special session on Heritage.

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    In October 2015, I was chosen by Greek Government to present HERMeS as a "good practice" example, in 8th Quality Conference in European Public Administration,  (EIPA - Luxembourg).

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    Jury member appointed from 2017 to 2019 in category “Education, Training and Raising Awareness”

  • Experience

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    University of the Aegean

    Post-Doc Sep 2017 - today

    Postdoc researcher in Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering.

    Digital linking Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage; design, evaluation of applications, crowdsourcing and interaction systems in digital heritage


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    Digital Heritage Research Lab, CUT

    Post Doc Marie Curie Exp. Researcher Jan 2016- Aug 2017

    Post Doc, Marie Curie Fellow in project 4D-CH World, researching in possibilities of connecting tangible Architectural Heritage with intangible aspects in order to provide a better visualisation in "Time"

    Post Doc in Project INCEPTION (Horizon 2020)

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    Syros Institute


    Manager Director Jan 2015 - Jan 2016

    Syros Institute is an NGO institution-research centre on cultural heritage, located in Syros island. We organise numbers of seminars, courses and conferences on preservation, sustainable cultural development, heritage, environmental protection but also music, theatre, art and other aspects of culture.

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    Municipality of Syros

    Head of Planning and IT Nov 2012 - Jan 2016

    Strategic Consulting, including business plan & strategy development. IT, innovation, Environment, Sustainable Development and Project Management. Branding and City Physiognomy Protection.

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    Municipality of Hermoupolis

    Project Management Jan 2002 - Jan 2011

    I am searching and applying for Funds, in order to plan and complete projects. We succeded to get a fund for 3.000.000 euros for a full Urban Restoration-Conservation for the Historic City Center. We also got more then 400.000 euros for IT upgrade in Digital Culture. And we keep walking...

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    VESTA Engineering

    FOUNDER and director manager Jan 1998 - Jan 2002

    Projects that were completed when I was D.M, in “VESTA Engineering”:
    Restoration of Damaged buildings from the earthquake of September `99 in seven (7) buildings of Camp “Kapota” in Menidi Attica, Restoration of Military Law School in Athens in the Region “Rouf”, Restoration of the army building 731 in Attica.
    Total Budget of Project: 770.000,00 euros
    Restoration of building "Bartzokas Mansion" in Erateira.
    Material measurements (Quantity Engineering) for the Church of St. George Moudania, using photogrammetric technology (3D modelling).

  • Education

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    National Technical University of Athens

    Architecture, PhD 2006 - 2012

    Buildings Pathology and Urban Planning

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    Hellenic Open University

    Architecture, Master in Science 2005 - 2012

    Enviromental City and Building Planning

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    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

    Architecture, Master in Science 2000 - 2002

    Monuments Restoration

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    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

    Engineering, Bachelor 1992 - 1998

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  • Publicity

    Latest publicity, interviews, newspapers, etc

    Latest publicity, interviews, newspapers, etc

    2015: A live interview to Greek National Television Channel (NERIT) about Syros, HER.M.E.S. and Syros Institute.





    Latest publicity, interviews, newspapers, etc

    SKAI, national Greek TV channel, covers the Europa Nostra Awards and HERMES.

    Latest publicity, interviews, newspapers, etc

    Live interview for Greek Radio Station ATHENS 9.84

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    Latest publicity, interviews, newspapers, etc




    ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ: http://www.kathimerini.gr/831649/article/politismos/polh/diaswzontas-ta-ktiria-ths-syroy


    ΝΑΥΤΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΗ: http://www.naftemporiki.gr/story/1014461/suros-kai-lasithi-brabeuthikan-apo-tin-europa-nostra-gia-erga-ereunas-kai-psifiopoiisis


    ΤΟ ΒΗΜΑ: http://www.tovima.gr/culture/article/?aid=694706

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    TVXS: http://tvxs.gr/news/politismos/tria-brabeia-eyropaikis-politistikis-klironomias-gia-tin-ellada

    ΕΘΝΟΣ: http://www.ethnos.gr/article.asp?catid=22784&subid=2&pubid=64171266

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    NOOZ.GR: http://www.nooz.gr/entertainment/elliniko-xroma-sta-vraveia-europa-nostra-2015


    ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΚΑ ΝΕΑ: http://www.dimotikanea.gr/index.php/dimoi/item/1463-h-ellada-kerdizei-tria-vraveia-europa-nostra

    LOCAL (South Aegean) ​



    ΠΡΩΤΕΥΟΥΣΑ: http://www.protevousa.gr/europa-nostra-ena-vravio-pou-isos-krini-tin-politistiki-protevousa-2021/


    SYROSTODAY: http://www.syrostoday.gr/News/15395-O-Dimos-einai-tyxeros-poy-diathetei-tetoia-stelexi-opos-einai-o-Paylos-Xatzigrigorioy.aspx

    ΚΟΙΝΗ ΓΝΩΜΗ: http://www.koinignomi.gr/news/politiki/politiki-syros/2015/04/14/vraveysi-tis-syroy-gia-systima-psifiakis-diaheirisis-istorikon-ktirion-tis-ermoypolis

    ΚΟΙΝΗ ΓΝΩΜΗ: http://www.koinignomi.gr/news/politismos/2015/04/15/provoli-tis-ermoypolis-os-paradeigma-kalis-praktikis.html

    SYROSTODAY: http://www.syrostoday.gr/News/15345-Vraveio-gia-to-Systima-Psifiakis-Diaxeirisis-Istorikon-Ktirion-tis-Ermoypolis.aspx

    ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΚΗ: http://www.dimokratiki.gr/15-04-2015/tria-vravia-politistikis-klironomias-apespase-i-ellada/

    ΚΥΚΛΑΔΕΣ24: http://cyclades24.gr/geniki/syros/epikairotita/europa-nostra-ermoupoli.html

    CYCLADES VOICE: http://www.cycladesvoice.gr/?aid=50570


    ΠΡΩΤΕΥΟΥΣΑ: http://www.protevousa.gr/europa-nostra-ena-vravio-pou-isos-krini-tin-politistiki-protevousa-2021/





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    Latest publicity, interviews, newspapers, etc

    2015: From National Newspaper "Kathimerini" an article on my work for Saving Historic Buildings in Hermoupolis.

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    Latest publicity, interviews, newspapers, etc

    2015: World Information Architecture Date, Greece. After a super interesting presentation from Robert Stulle (Edenspiekermann), we had a comfortable Q&A session, were I had the opportunity to find out the way he woks, thinks and develop "Edenspiekermann". Thank you Robert!

    (The Photo has a link to a 1 hour video. If you can spare the time, it is extremely interesting, it will change the way you think about your job, happiness and life!)




    Latest publicity, interviews, newspapers, etc

    2014: Live interview to Greek Athenian Radio Station SKY (ΣΚΑΙ).


    2017, “Digital Heritage for Creative and Sustainable Communities”

    Keynote Speaker in Digital Heritage 2017: ITN-DCH final conference


    2017, “The digital approach on saving Historic Buildings: Project HERMeS”

    Council of Europe , Invited Presenter/ Expert at European Cultural Heritage Strategy for the 21st Century 


    2016, "Immersive Digital Heritage Experience with the Use of Interactive Technology."

    In: Part II. Cham: Springer International Publishing; 2016:265-271. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-48974-2_30.

    2016, "Developing a Historic Buildings Digital Collection for a Conservation Plan"

    Keynote Speaker "4th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Culture of Cities (IASCC), Heritage in Transition, Greece, July, 2016


    2016, "Educational Creative Use and Reuse of Digital Cultural Heritage Data for Cypriot UNESCO Monuments."

    In: Part I. Cham: Springer International Publishing; 2016:891-901. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-48496-9_72. 

    2016, "How we used open digital heritage data to keep updating our conservation plan for 1200 historic buildings"

    in Proceedings of "2nd International Conference on Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology SEAHA", University of Oxford, GB, June, 2016

    2016, "Can we use GIS as a Historic City Heritage Management System"

    In: Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. Vol 9688. ; 2016. http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.2240737 

    2016, "Towards monuments’ holistic digital documentation: The saint neophytos enkleistriotis case study."

    In: Vol 10058 LNCS. ; 2016. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-48496-9_36.

    2016, "Education use of 3D models and photogrammetry content; the Europeana Space project for Cypriot UNESCO Monuments"

    Proc. SPIE 9688, Fourth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of the Environment (RSCy2016), 96880W (12 August 2016); doi: 10.1117/12.2247936;

    2016, “Heritage Management e System (HERMeS)”

    Invited Presenter in The Best in Heritage Conference on Excellence, “IMAGINES” http://presentations.thebestinheritage.com/2016/HERMeS   

    2016, "Cultural Heritage: Engage, Share, Co-create"

    Invited Speaker in "Culture Forum 2016", European Committee, Brussels, April, 2016


    2016, "Parian Marble: A Virtual Multimodal Museum Project."

    Vol 10059 LNCS.; 2016. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-48974-2_29.

    2016, "Taking the next step in digital documentation of historic cities: How HERMeS evolved in an open data digital library of historic buildings."

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) (Vol. 10058 LNCS), 2016. http://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-48496-9_12

    2015, “Heritage Management E-System (HER.M.E.S.): Saving Historic Buildings in Hermoupolis with Conservation Plan and Public Awareness”

    European Conference on Quality at Public Administration, Luxembourg (Official Representative of Greek Government) 

    2015, “A Digital Collection of Historic Buildings can be the beginning of a Conservation Plan”

    PanHellenic Conference Digital Heritage 2015, Volos, Greece

    2015, “Managing Heritage in Digital Era”

    ICOMOS CIVVIH International Conference, Syros, Greece

    Invited Speaker in Annual Scientific Symposium


    2015, “HERMeS”, European Union 2015 Heritage Prize / Europa Nostra Award

    2015, “Historic City Heritage Management with Digitization and Open Data” 

    Full Paper at “Changing Cities II” international Conference, Porto Helli, Greece

    2014, "Saving Historic Buildings"

    Presentation in a Day Conference in Syros, Greece

    2014, "Three conservation ideas for a pedestrian street in a Historic Centre"

    Workshop organiser and tutor, Syros Institute, Greece

    2013, "Saving Historic buildings with multi-criteria GIS tool"


    In: Proceedings of the DigitalHeritage 2013 - Federating the 19th Int’l VSMM, 10th Eurographics GCH, and 2nd UNESCO Memory of the World Conferences, Plus Special Sessions fromCAA, Arqueologica 2.0 et Al. Vol 2.; 2013. doi:10.1109/DigitalHeritage.2013.6744729.

    2013, "The contribution of Historic Buildings Digital Management to the conservation of Historic Cities: The example of Hermoupolis"

    2013, “Smart Cities”

    Full paper presented in Summer Course, Syros Institute, Greece

    2013, “Digital Culture & Social Media”

    Organiser and Tutor at workshop in Summer Course “Sustainable Culture & Tradition”, Syros Institute, Greece

    2013, “City Physiognomy and Digital Culture”

    Paper presented in a Day Conference in Paros, Cyclades, Greece

    2013, "Conservation of historic buildings using DBMS and GIS: the case of Hermoupolis​"

    In: Journal “Sustainable Development Culture and Traditions”, Vol1B, pp139-151, ISSN 2241-4002, SI, 2013

    2012, Workshop for “e-Culture”

    Tutor and Organizer, International Seminar in Syros, Greece

    2012, “Multi-criteria Data Base and GIS for Digital Management and Αdvancement of Historic Buildings. The Protection of Historic Urban District in Hermoupolis”

    Monograph (in Greek), 394 pages, NTUA, Athens, 2012


    2012, “Monument’s Pathology and e-Management of Heritage”

    Paper presented in international seminar in Syros Institute, Greece

    2012, “Multi-criteria tool for pathology and architectural assessment and monitoring of historic buildings: The case of Municipality of Hermoupolis”

    Full paper, International conference in Ferrara, Italy

    2011, Workshop for “Digital Heritage”

    Tutor and Organiser, at International Seminar in Syros Institute, Greece

    2011, “e-Management and Advancement of Historic Buildings”

    Full Paper presented in international seminar in Syros Institute

    2003, "e-Monitoring and e-Management of important monuments"

    Full Paper presentation in National Conference in Andros island, Greece

    2002, “Software development for management of the historical buildings in Syros island”

    Published Thesis, MSc Monument Restoration, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

    2002, “Urban Planning of the Historic city of Hermoupolis”

    Member of the Research Team, conducted by National Technical University of Athens, Greece

    2002, “System Driver Training and Assessment using Interactive Evaluation tools and reliable methodologies”

    Member of Research Team, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

    2001, “Creating travel guide”

    Member of Research Team, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

    2001, “Information Systems for travelers and transportation: How to improve integrated systems for information”

    Member of Research Team, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

    2000, “Research on he Labor Market in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki”

    Field researcher, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

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